Meet Dr Kory

Dr. Kory Simonsen, a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, earned his Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Pacific Lutheran University. With a rich background in the emergency department, he brings extensive experience to his practice. His doctoral research primarily focused on exploring the potential of ketamine and psychedelics as emerging treatment options in the field of mental health. While recognizing the value of medications in promoting mental well-being, Kory also acknowledges their limitations. He is dedicated to addressing the underlying causes of mental health issues and remains receptive to utilizing various treatment modalities, including psychotherapy, with a mindset of employing medication only when necessary. Currently, Kory’s areas of expertise and interest encompass PTSD/Trauma, anxiety, sleep disorders, mood disorders, and the evolving field of psychedelic sciences. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, he has a deep appreciation for the region’s abundant outdoor activities where he spends his free time with his daughter and golden retriever Mowgli.

A Message From Dr. Kory:

“If you’re all too familiar with the relentless thought of ‘I can’t continue living like this,’ it’s a clear sign that you’re ready for change. I approach mental health as a transformative journey through a liminal space—an in-between space where one stands on the edge of old and new or growth and change, opening the door to new possibilities and personal transformations. Mental health extends far beyond a mere collection of symptoms or diagnoses; it’s a dynamic process that involves the intricate interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors that all contribute to your lived experience.

In my practice, I strive to create a protected space for you to explore your unique experiences, beliefs, and aspirations. By integrating pharmacological interventions, psychotherapy techniques, and lifestyle modifications, my objective is to empower you to play an active role in your mental health journey, enabling you to shape your life in alignment with your desires and aspirations. Together, we will work towards a life that authentically embodies your truest self. ”
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