Meet Dr Scott

Dr. Scott Wiener is a board-certified psychiatrist with a decade of experience working with adults, teens, and children. He attended the NYU School of Medicine and completed his psychiatric residency training at the Zucker-Hillside Hospital in NY. His experience ranges from emergency room work to directing a mental health clinic, serving an inner-city population in Queens, NY. Following these experiences, Dr. Scott ran a private practice in NY where he first became passionate about functional medicine and the use of genetic testing, nootropics and adaptogens (medical supplements), and nutrition to treat mental illnesses.

Dr. Scott was appointed assistant professor of Psychiatry at Touro Medical College and at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where he trained medical students and residents an integrative and functional medicine approach to mental health. Since moving to the Northwest in 2020, he’s continued his role training future clinicians as adjunct professor of Psychiatry at Seattle University and Pacific Lutheran University. While teaching is important to our doctor, his passion remains the time he spends working with his clients.

Some of Dr. Scott’s areas of expertise include ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression, both physical and emotional trauma, and developmental disabilities. He has served as the advisor to Autism Friendly Spaces, a non-for-profit organization whose purpose is to transform public places into a welcoming environment for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Doctor Scott’s work to reduce the usage of controlled narcotic medications in treating many conditions remains at the core of his treatment approach. And beyond all else, Dr. Scott is devoted to discovering the underlying causes affecting his clients using the most progressive scientific methods throughout the course of his treatment.


A Message From Dr. Scott:

“Moving to Seattle to join Prisma Wellness is quite an honor and I couldn’t be more excited to work with individuals and families in my new home. This is the next step in a dream that I have been working towards for the past decade.

I am a board-certified psychiatrist, but no longer use the term psychiatry in my practice. For too many years, psychiatry has become synonymous with mental illness and medication. While medication remains a part of what I do, I believe psychiatry should focus on physical and cognitive enhancement through functional medicine.

Under this new approach, we work on figuring out the underlying cause of your issues rather than putting a band-aid on the problem. For instance, the typical approach to ADHD would be to treat the illness with medication. Although some people may benefit from the drug, some others may have serious side effects that may cause other issues to arise. I prefer to utilize the most modern tools available to determine the underlying biological causes that contribute to the problem and treat those instead. This approach often allows a successful and healthy resolution to one’s difficulties, and quite often, without even the need for medication.

A functional approach can be used successfully with all types of mental and physical health issues. The future of healthcare involves treating the individual as a whole using a wellness model rather than the sick-model America has become accustomed to. It is with this in mind, that I’m excited to bring this progressive approach to you and your family”

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